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8th Grade Promotion Activities

Dear Eighth Grade Parents:
This letter is to inform you about the activities planned for 8th grade promotion. Students from all of the Loomis District schools will be involved in these activities. Transportation to Sunsplash will be via school bus. Parents are asked to take their children to Del Oro for the morning rehearsals on June 1st. Students will return to their home schools via bus.
May 31st 9:30-3:00 SunSplash Field Trip
June 1st 8:45-11:00 Practice at Del Oro Stadium (8:30 drop off)
6:30 p.m. Students arrive for the ceremony
7:00 p.m. Promotion ceremony begins – Del Oro Stadium
8:00-10:30 p.m. Dance at Del Oro High School – Cafeteria
June 2nd Minimum day schedule Last day of school
Cara Alfonso, Principal, Penryn Elementary School 663-3993
Rick Judd, Principal, Placer Elementary School 652-1830
Cara Kopecky, Principal, Loomis Grammar School 652-1824
Glenn Lockwood, Principal, H. Clarke Powers School 652-2635
Brittaney Meyer, Principal, Franklin Elementary School 652-1818
Kevin Roche, Principal, Ophir STEAM Academy 530-885-3495
Erika Sloane, Director, Loomis Basin Charter School 652-2642
The Loomis Union School District School Board enforces a dress code for the eighth grade promotion ceremony and dance. You are asked to read the policy and discuss it with your child. Please note the sentence stating that students will be unable to participate in the ceremonies if they are inappropriately attired.
Girls: Should wear modest dresses, skirts or pants (no mini-skirts). All tops must have straps (no less than 1”) and be made of sufficient material and opacity to cover the torso. A cami/tank top must be worn under a sheer top to cover the entire torso and undergarments. All pants, skirts or dresses must be made of sufficient material and opacity and adequately cover the students
8th Grade Promotion Activities Timeline & Expectations Letter #2 LUSD Rev. 4/2017
Promotion Expectations Letter Page 2
body while sitting or standing. Skirts and dresses must extend past the palm. Avoid tight material that inches upward with movement. Long dresses (below mid-calf) are inappropriate
for this type of ceremony for safety reasons. No strapless, spaghetti strap or backless (below shoulder blades) dresses may be worn unless worn with a sweater, shawl or cover-up. Girls are not to wear gloves or carry purses during the ceremony. For safety reasons, flats and low heels are recommended.
Boys: Should wear collared dress shirt, tie, solid color dress slacks (navy, khaki, gray or black), and closed toe shoes. Sport coats or sweaters are optional. Tuxedos, hats and denim pants are not to be worn. Please note that boys are expected to wear ties for the promotion ceremony. However, during the promotion dance, ties are optional. Students can send their ties home with a family member at the end of the ceremony or they can choose to keep them on for the promotion dance. While ties are allowed to be removed or loosened, if your child decides to keep his tie on, it must remain on his neck only. All other dress code requirements remain in effect for the promotion dance.
Students who are unclear should have their attire approved by their principal PRIOR to May 26, 2017.
Students who are inappropriately attired will be asked to make necessary adjustments or will be refused permission to participate in promotion ceremonies. If dress is altered during or after the ceremony to inappropriate attire, the student will be denied access to the dance. Students may change into comfortable shoes for the dance.
Limousines are not appropriate for promotion or the dance.
8th Grade
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